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Every pipette supplied by Fine Care Biosystems carries its individual calibration certificate as per ISO 8655 standards. Unlike many pipette manufacturing companies, we check calibration in every variable volume pipette at three different volumes for ten readings, while in Fixed Volume Pipette it is checked 10 times at one volume.

All pipettes are calibrated in ISO 17025 accredited lab.

Regular testing and calibration verification of pipetting device is required to ensure its precision and accuracy. Possible problems must be identified and corrected before they impact the integrity of the test. 

As a manufacturer of liquid handling products, we recognize the need to provide an easy solution for primary checking and calibrating pipettes, especially to  end users without any complicated calculation.

Micro pipette Calibration Detail

Micro Pipette is the one of the most important tool for various procedures in a laboratory. The accuracy and precision of pipette decides the quality of test result perform in particular laboratory.

Micro pipette does assist lab technician in handling liquids with precise measurement. It is a superior edition of medicine dropper or pasture pipette or serological pipette & works on the equal principle of making equivalent vacuum for drawing up the liquid. With the purpose to make sure correctness at all times, Micro pipette requires to be calibrated. This process is known as Micro pipette calibration.

For more info click >> Pipette Calibration, Micro pipette calibration

check the performance of your pipette.