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  • Electronic Pipette
    The innovation beckoning to happen
  • Accumax Centrifuge Tubes
    ​Also available in "GREEN"
    eco friendly packaging
  • Individually Wrapped Tips and Tube
    Purity at its best for very sensitive application
  • Accumax Tips
    Wide range of standard and extended length tips for varied application
  • PCR Consumables
    PCR strips with and without attached cap

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Accumax Electronic Pipette
Accumax Electronic Pipette


- The wait is over!!

After the years of research, performance trials & customer satisfaction reports, we Accumax backed by a successful history in mechanical Pipettes, Tips and Tubes are ready with its latest and most advanced and user friendly pipette- Accumax Electronic Pipette.

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  One of the most lightweight Electronic Pipette
  Ultra Ergonomic design
  High Performance stepper motor for consistent and achievable results
  Most reliable 3 point precise automated calibration
  5 different and frequent used modes of pipetting.
  Inbuilt power saver and Intelli charging battery, for long uninterrupted usage.
  Uniquely color coded for easy identification
  Secure usage, with password protected calibration
  Universally adaptable tip cone
  Intuitive Graphic interface
  Calibrated as per ISO 8655 norms
  Autoclavable bottom assembly
  Multi Mode of Pipetting
  3 years Warranty

Multi Modes of Pipetting