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  • Electronic Pipette
    The innovation beckoning to happen
  • Accumax Centrifuge Tubes
    ​Also available in "GREEN"
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  • Individually Wrapped Tips and Tube
    Purity at its best for very sensitive application
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    Wide range of standard and extended length tips for varied application
  • PCR Consumables
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Quality Management
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ISO 9001-2008
Accumax Lab Technology has been following well established quality control system that has been devised to make sure every product coming out of manufacturing facility fulfill & quality parameters expected by end users. This system has been certified for ISO 9001-2008 + ISO 13485-2012.

Our quality system makes sure that all processes in the company such as product development, purchase, quality control of the raw materials, component manufacturing, product assembly and final inspection are well defined, recorded and controlled. 
All products manufactured by Accumax Lab Technology are CE/IVD marked.
ISO 17025
Correct calibration is a very important aspect of our product range and we fulfill our customer’s expectation without any compromise. Every pipette coming out from our factory is a calibrated as per EN ISO 8655-6 and has factory calibration certificate.
Our calibration lab has been accredited with ISO 17025. It is one of the highest standard for any calibration lab in the world. We are the first and only pipette manufacturing company in ASIA-PACIFIC to achieve this standard. To know more about ISO 17025 and how it assures user about calibration of pipette,
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