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  • PCR Consumables
    PCR strips with and without attached cap
Technical Support
It is our motto to provide application support to the users of Accumax range of liquid handling products to ensure smooth execution of work in a laboratory.

For optimal functioning of pipettes, it is recommended to use them as per manufacturer’s instructions apart from performing routine maintenance of pipette at regular interval.

Following digital presentation has been designed especially for end-users to explain standard operating procedures for usage of pipette as well as for maintenance of pipette.

VA, AV, PRO Models SMART Model
Click here to download full Digital Instruction Manual
Click here to view Digital Instruction Manual online
Click here to download full Digital Instruction Manual
Click here to view Digital Instruction Manual online

If you still have any issue unresolved, related to Accumax range of products, fill up the following form.


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Accumax liquid handling products are inspected thoroughly for all parameters as per our QC policy. Considering the precise nature of Accumax liquid handling devices, they may be subject to various unnoticed improper interactions, even under ideal laboratory conditions. It is strongly recommended that the Accumax  liquid handling equipment to be inspected and maintained at least once a year. It will enssure its correct and precise working during the life of the product.

If you notice only improper functioning of our product, please contact your distributor.


Accumax liquid handling products are assured to be free from defects in design and workmanship from the manufacturing date to the time period mentioned in the warranty certificate provided with each equipment. Below chart demonstrates the length of the warranty period for different products of Accumax.  

Model Smart PRO VA-FA Pipet Controller Electronic Pipette
Warranty period 3 Years 3 Years 1 Year 1 Year 3 Years