Real-time PCR
Author: Dr. Sandeep Raj Designation: Senior Product Manager As someone who has worked on this machine from the early 2000’s, I never would have imagined that post-2019 ‘Real Time PCR’ would become a household name, but that’s exactly what Real Time is. The world has changed forever after 2019 & this word Real time PCR would ever be etched in the memory of survivors; for some as its results were & are & will be Read More
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Importance of certified lab equipment for Precision and Accuracy in Dispensing As liquid handling is a core component in food, biochemical, analytical, environmental, and pharmaceutical industrial processes, standard measurement methods are necessary for validation of your assay and qualification of liquid handling devices used. Conceptualize that you are on an experiment with all necessary precautions along with required SOP and there is no scope for an error to happen. Here comes the importance of the Read More
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Tips to Improve Pipetting of Viscous solution 1. Methodology to be considered for air displacement pipetting If you are going with air displacement then do reverse pipetting. This technique results in the sample volume plus an additional volume being aspirated into the tip. It can be achieved by pressing to the first stop to expel only the target sample volume. Forward mode pipetting is not recommended, as it often leaves a residual volume of undelivered Read More
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