Parameters To Select Your Stirring Range For Laboratory Use

By Richa Misra

17th January 2022

Importance of certified lab equipment for Precision and Accuracy in Dispensing

As liquid handling is a core component in food, biochemical, analytical, environmental, and pharmaceutical industrial processes, standard measurement methods are necessary for validation of your assay and qualification of liquid handling devices used.

Conceptualize that you are on an experiment with all necessary precautions along with required SOP and there is no scope for an error to happen.

Here comes the importance of the equipment’s precision and accuracy being used to understand the deviation of the dispensed volumes from the target volume. For example, the lab equipment is supposed to dispense 20 or 200 microliters, but it has dispensed 22 or 220 microliters respectively, this shows the precision but this dispensing is not accurate. Thus, purchasing equipment certified through  ISO/IEC 17025 is very important to assure the metrological traceability of that equipment. The ISO 17025 accreditation provides the highest level of reliability and confidence in pipette calibration, as proven by the uncertainty of measurement provided for each calibration when required. Maintaining this accreditation is important for assuring the quality of the product by any manufacturer as extensive testing of personnel, procedures, and facilities, with the accreditation reviewed in an annual audit by the relevant body.

Having an ISO 17025 certificate guarantees all measurements are traceable to domestic and international standards. It also confirms the effectiveness of the quality management system and the accuracy and reliability of tests within the laboratory for calibration.

Thus to ensure accuracy along with precision, our R & D team has worked upon intensively and designed some of the best laboratory equipment (i.e PipettesBottle Top Dispensers) qualifying all standards for international trade.

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