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By Jaykishan Parekh

16th January 2023

Pipette tips that deliver precision and accuracy in every drop

Pipettes are generally used to transfer a measured volume of liquid in the laboratory. There are both manual and electronic pipettes, but all play the role of aspirating and dispensing liquid samples. It is significant to be cautious when selecting the tips; a wrong selection has the effect of wiping out the accuracy and precision.

Accumax pipette tips ensure the performance and reliability of your results like no other. It guarantees perfect, accurate and reliable pipetting results. Accumax pipette tips have been designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. High-quality raw material and consistent process manufacturing along with rigorous quality control formulate our Pipette tips to provide your assay to meet the required system suitability criteria and confidence

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Comparative Study On The Performance Of Accumax Branded Tips Vis-A-Vis Competitors


To understand recovery of standard DNA sample and calculate accuracy percentage and uncertainty of dilution using Accumax pipette tips and competitors’ tips.

Introduction and Background

Molecules like DNA/RNA and Protein tend to bind to polypropylene pipette tips leading to errors and transfer losses and cross contamination. Therefore, it is very important that expelled valuable molecules from pipette tips don’t retain or stick to the tip surface. As highly sensitive research methods such as real-time PCR and mass spectrometry were developed to assist detection and quantification demands precision. All these assays efficiency is dependent on the relative concentration of nucleic acid, enzyme and other reactant.

Spectrophotometry is a very popular method for nucleic acid quantification as it is a simple, accurate and non-destructive method for measurement of nucleic acid over range of concentration. We used synthetic desalted ssDNA oligo purchased from Sigma Aldrich with a stock concentration of 1882.702 ng/μl for this study. The details are given below

We analysed tips from different manufacturer and checked the accuracy percentage by diluting stock solution to 1000ng/ml and checked accuracy using linear regression curve by using Biotek (Now Agilant) take3™ plate.

Materials And Procedure
  1. Accumax 10μl Universal graduated tip – Lot No – 1RCG2300R
  2. Competitor A  Micro tips 0.2-10μl Graduated Natural – Lot No – P10115
  3. Competitor T Micro tips 0.2-10μl – Lot No – JT-011118
  4. ssDNA from Sigma
  5. Nuclease free water
  6. Take3™ biotek plate
  7. 0.5-10μl Accumax Fab Pipette
  8. Cytation 5 Imaging multi mode reader

Stock concentration of ssDNA was diluted to 1000ng/ml, which was then used to prepare 5 point dilution with different manufacturers’ tips in the volume range of 2μl, 4μl, 6μl, 8μl, 10μl and was read at 260/280nm to calculate DNA concentration to compare the accuracy percentage difference and random error from theoretical accuracy and precision.

Sample was loaded in duplicate (n=2) to understand the difference in random error.

Result and Discussion

Above mentioned table calculates Accuracy percentage deviating from theoretical concentration where accuracy of accumax tip is consistently better than competitors tips. This is achieved purely on the basis of design of 10µl tip where concentricity of flow of liquid through volume range is linear and the lower orifice has good geometry also its function is not negatively influenced by production error such as flash mark or offset bending.

Graph 1: Inaccuracy of Accumax pipette 10μl tips is lower than that of competitors tips across all the volume range. Lower inaccuracy combined with lower error percentage give better results and guarantee repeatability of assay while complying with system suitability criteria with validated assay protocol.

Graph 2: Accumax tips showed lower inaccuracy percentage, better recovery of DNA and random error is within acceptable range. Error bar is very minor showing homogeneity and consistency in tips where all tips aspirate and dispense required volume of sample with excellent consistency which can also be observed from CV percentage (Coefficient of variation percentage) in the above Graph. While Competitor A and T 1-10μl tips indicate inconsistency in the volume of liquid expelled proving less homogeneity between tips yielding higher error bar and higher inaccuracy.


As mentioned early, it is essential to purchase Pipette tips that seamlessly serve the purpose; this is only possible if one obtains high-quality Pipette tips. All of our pipette tips meet this requirement and can thus perfectly serve your needs.

Accumax Pipette tips are certainly viable option for performing very sensitive application such as PCR, Nucleic acid and protein quantification where inconsistency in pipetting can yield inaccurate result jeopardising your precious sample and assay.

When compared to the other two competitors’ tips, Accumax Pipette tips had higher consistency, accuracy, and precision.

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SIGMA-ALDRICH is a trademark of MERCK KGAA
AGILENT is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc
Biotek is a registereted trademark of BIOTEK INSTRUMENTS LLC

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