Parameters To Select Your Stirring Range For Laboratory Use

By Arjun Thomas

30th June 2023

Opt for GreenMAX and contribute to sustainable environment

Plastic remains among the major conundrums in modern life. On one hand we want to live without it, on the other hand plastic lives with us. Literally!! From the moment we wake up; from the humble toothbrush to the cars we drive, the very pen I twiddle in my fingers as I type away on a plastic keyboard for a blog on saving plastics, let’s not forget the pipette tips, tubes, plates and the sheer scale of consumables in the biomedical industry. Science is not feasible without plastic.

Despite the conundrum we cannot ignore the shear impact plastics have on our environment. Plastic resists natures need to recycle, some of them take forever to decompose, the “forever plastics”. We are no were near getting rid of plastics but it is clear a systemic shift is necessary; we can work on sustainable alternatives and creative methods to minimize its influence.

The Weight of Plastic

4.42 kg the amount of CO2 emitted to carry 2kgs of cargo across 1000km by air freight (yes more than double the weight of the cargo). Reducing the density of packaging is a practical solution to bringing down emissions, using low density recyclable plastic is a viable option to reduce weight in combination with reloadable racks. ACCUMAX GreenMAX range of products brings a lightweight paper-based packaging solution that gives up to 8% reduction in weight from plastic tip boxes and packaging. Not to forget, lower the weight of the product; lower the weight of the waste to be processed even if it is not recycled.
Matter of Space

Saving space is eco-friendly the more space you save the less energy you need to spend maintaining it, not to mention the cost of transportation and air conditioning. Compactness becomes important, the more compact the product you choose the less energy it uses. ACCUMAX GreenMAX is an excellent choice, made of paper-based material it can be easily crushed and disposed off. No more shelves full of unused pipette boxes.

Recycle, But for how long?

You can recycle plastic but for how long? Anytime plastic is recycled the polymer chain in the plastic shortens, after 2 rounds it becomes nearly impossible to recycle and the same goes for paper. They all end up in landfills eventually, what matters is decomposition, what can we return to nature in a usable form. Pick biodegradable over recyclable; ACCUMAX GreenMAX products are easily decomposable.


ACCUMAX GreenMAX Reloading Racks

Accumax has developed a revolutionary reload system in order to continuously improve our ability in sustainable production. It is intended to maximise storage space while reducing plastic waste. Each GreenMAX rack of Pipette Tips in the reload system contains 96 tips.

Each stack accommodates multiple plates of tips, minimizing plastic waste by approximately 70% per pack and reducing 65% space in transportation.

Benefits of making more room: Reduction in space also reduces our overall carbon footprint in shipping and other transportation.


ACCUMAX Paper Racks, a sustainable alternative to plastic racks, works perfectly well with single-channel pipettes for loading and unloading tips.

Being made of biodegradable environment friendly paper, it can easily support a standard tip rack. Using biodegradable paper material in tip racks allows for a reduction in plastic consumption by 60% compared to traditional tip rack.

For simpler bulk transportation, the racks are provided in tower-shaped dispensers that take up less space.

ACCUMAX GreenMAX Cryobox

Accumax GreenMAX Cryobox is created from premium quality materials, making it an effective solution for long-term cryogenic sample storage. They have been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of cryogenic storage.

Being made of biodegradable environmentfriendly paper, it can easily support a standard tip rack. Using biodegradable paper material in tip racks allows for a reduction in plastic consumption by 60% compared to traditional tip rack

ACCUMAX lab devices is one of the largest manufacturers of lab equipment and consumables. We are dedicated to sustainability and provide a broad selection of consumables for laboratories that are skilfully designed to achieve objectives and promote advanced science. Join us as we continue to develop sustainable solutions for your laboratory.

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