1. What are the requirements to become an OEM business partner?

    Accumax OEM partners integrate Accumax products into purpose built, dedicated OEM instrument systems or applications to provide significant application specific value for global end users. Accumax OEM partners can expect significant assistance and support from the company and in turn, support their end user customers directly.

  2. Is there a minimum order requirement?

    We do request that you commit to a minimum order quantity that can be released over an agreed upon time frame.

  3. What is the term of the OEM warranty?

    Accumax OEM products carry a 15-month warranty. This allows time for you to integrate the products and subsequent shipment to your end user’s site.

  4. Can my company logo and label be put on the product?

    OEM products are manufactured without labels. Your company logo(s) and label(s) can be added.

  5. What about confidentiality?

    As a company with significant intellectual property, we respect your confidentiality (and we request that you respect ours). We are prepared to execute and respect a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement, please ask.

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