Quality Control
A stringent Quality Control process flow ensures that the end-product reaching the customer is precisely calibrated and meets the customer’s expectations. Our quality system makes sure that all processes in the company such as product development, purchase, quality control of the raw materials, component manufacturing, product assembly and final inspection are well-defined, recorded and controlled. We have been certified for ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 13485-2016.
Calibration is the key to ensuring precision and accuracy in results
Calibration is a critical process and as a manufacturer, we take pride in the accuracy and precision that Accumax Lab Devices offers. All our pipettes are calibrated at our ISO 17025 accredited lab and are supplied with calibration certificate.
The Variable Volume pipettes go through a 3-point calibration process, while the Fixed Volume pipettes are checked up to 10 times at one volume and the Bottle Top Dispensers go through over 30 readings.
This methodology helps us ensure that problems are identified initially before they impact the integrity of the test, and in turn, every product leaving our premises offers flawless performance and guarantees extra-ordinary user experience.

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