Tips to Improve Pipetting of Viscous solution

Tips to Improve Pipetting of Viscous solution

1. Methodology to be considered for air displacement pipetting

If you are going with air displacement then do reverse pipetting. This technique results in the sample volume plus an additional volume being aspirated into the tip. It can be achieved by pressing to the first stop to expel only the target sample volume. Forward mode pipetting is not recommended, as it often leaves a residual volume of undelivered sample in the tip.

2. Use Appropriate pipette tip

Pipette tips with wider openings are better suited for pipetting viscous solutions and allow thicker liquids to flow more freely. Specialized “Wide bore” is offered by multifarious manufacturers for this purpose. Low retention tips offered by Accumax can also be used.

3. Immerse the Tip to a Proper depth and hold vertically while Aspiration

Immersion depth should be in track to the liquid volume

4. Reduce Plunger speed and pause sufficiently after aspiration and dispense

The appropriate pause duration should be determined at the beginning and kept consistent each time. To determine whether the pause after aspiration is long enough, examine the filled tip after removing from solution. If a trailing air gap forms, a longer pause needed. After dispensing, examine the bottom of the pipette tip. If a droplet forms, a longer pause needed.

5. Avoid Air bubbles

Air bubbles in viscous solution takes long time to dissipate and so can reduce the volume accuracy. It is highly recommended not to mix instead, Use an orbital shaker or centrifuge to remove existing bubbles.

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